Sorority Noise

Sunday night, the Che Café in La Jolla hosted Sorority Noise to a loud, rowdy crowd.

Never Young started the night with intriguing noise-punk from the Bay Area. The four-piece group strummed their guitars at a remarkable speed, drummed harder than I knew possible while retaining an aspect of noise rock. Their music is new, fresh and nothing like anything I’ve heard before.

Souvenirs took the stage after a small break. At this point in the night, plenty of kids decked out in pop-punk band shirts and skinny jeans filled the venue. Souvenirs was more well known to this audience, and had the perfect tunes to bob your head and slightly bend your knees, rocking out. With California pop-punk blasting the speakers, the band threw their own interpretive dance party. The band seemed as pleased with the show as the audience was–Souvenirs mentioned that the Che Café was the most “sonically accurate” venue they have ever played. They are going on tour with AFI in January and mentioned a new album release in the works.

Sorority Noise opened their set with loud, exciting songs that everyone in the crowd knew by heart. People started moving around, finger pointing, yelling at the vocalist about shared emotions, shared experiences.

Sorority Noise played a new song about the death of their friend, Sean, its impact on the band. Each time Sorority Noise plays “Using,” they take a moment to reflect on how important mental health is, and to never ignore your feelings. The speech, although repeated at almost all of their shows, never loses its zing, and always draws the audience together with the band in a unique way.

Some drum issues arose during “Blonde Hair, Black Lungs.” However, the vocalist was able to create a small acoustic moment and weaved in lyrics from Brand New’s “Mixtape.” The crowd was thrilled with the mention of another familiar song.

It’s apparent that Sorority Noise loves what they do, shown through smiles from the members throughout the set. I’ve never seen the Che this full on a Sunday night! This show ROCKED.

Photos By: Charlie Spadone
Article By: Kathleen Kelly