Chicano Batman’s diversifying splendor at Cal Coast Credit Union with Lido Pimienta

Wow, what a perfect setting for a band like Chicano Batman to perform; with Southern California roots, and members of Columbian and Mexican decent, the vibes and sounds fit San Diego like a glove. Formed in 2008 by Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arévalo, and Bardo Martinez, the groups sound draws from a mix of genres from psychedelic soul, funk, indie, progressive rock, and rock. The show began with a mysterious high note when the 1959 instrumental song “Sleep Walk” played as the band came on the stage and positioned themselves to begin. Then, a tune ringing true to a rock and roll rhythm was a played to announce the beginning of the show. They began the set with songs from their new album Notebook Fantasy, released in March of this year.

The band transitioned to classic and psychedelic neo funk was originally felt and heard in their earlier work almost a decade ago, and how sweet  it was to see the style in their work live on, taking us back in time with the classic Pass You By that rings true to the courtship after missing out on opportunities in fresh love. As San Diego is entering its summer season, the Cal Coast Amphitheater was glowing with happy patrons and a warm breeze.

Photos & Review by: Paloma Louise