Belly Up

Belly Up

Solana Beach’s, Belly Up, Is More Than a Venue

If you’ve had the opportunity to attend an intimate show in San Diego, there’s a chance it was presented by Belly Up. This unstoppable live music venue has made a name for itself throughout the years that San Diegans know and recognize. Playing all types of music nightly, guests find themselves entertained any time of the year. 

The Venue

The typical stereotype for San Diegans is that we all live on the beach and go surfing every day right? Well, they might not be so wrong considering Belly Up is literally a block away from the water at Solana Beach! You know what that means! Before heading over to the venue for a show, take a minute to stop and admire the beach sunset before you head in! Talk about San Diego paradise. 

The venue is a really great place to find local artists and up-and-coming touring bands of all genres and scenes! Artists and bands can even email the venue’s booking manager to book their next show. If you happen to be a musician yourself, check out their site to learn more.

The box office is open from noon until the end of show on nights of shows, and when Belly Up doesn’t have a show the venue closes at 5PM. If you’re feeling a bit hungry after the night’s events, walk on over next door where they have a full menu at the Wild Note Café, their neighborhood bistro-style restaurant.

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Belly Up San Diego
Belly Up San Diego
Belly Up San Diego

Tips and Tricks

You need to be 21+ to enter the venue so be sure to bring your ID! There’s plenty of other venues in the county that hold all-ages acts but the Belly Up is strict in their age and alcohol policies. 

Be cautious of buying your tickets from a third party website. Belly Up can only guarantee tickets purchased through Belly Up’s Box Office and through Patrons purchasing tickets through third-party ticket brokers, such as StubHub, Craigslist or individuals reselling their tickets, assume full risk for potentially fraudulent tickets purchased or obtained through unauthorized vendors. Belly Up has no way of validating or replacing tickets that were not purchased through us directly. There’s also no refunds for any tickets sold. 

Overall, Belly Up is an iconic and well-known establishment in San Diego. Bottoms Up at Belly Up!

Words by: Sammy Bel Mar