Little Italy’s Music Box is often home to rowdy, lively shows, catering to up-and-coming bands who fill the three-story space with noise and energy. This past Sunday, the venue went back to its Anthology roots, and hosted Never Die Young & Tapestry, playing the music of James Taylor and Carole King.  Local musicians David Sheils and Tim Godwin welcomed Jeri Lynn, who stepped in to play and sing the Carole King songs, and treated the mostly-packed audience to two full sets of classic hits, leaving the seated audience swaying and singing along to their favorite tunes.

While the group didn’t sound like the original artists, they weren’t aiming to; they stayed true to the original songs while adding their own styles and flair, and the crowd engagement was top notch. Based solely on the camera lights turned on for recording videos, the Carole King songs were more popular among the mature audience, some of whom filtered out as the hour got late (cough, 9:00).

Generally speaking, Music Box is a great venue for shows like this, and with their excellent sound system and screen, we’d love to see more low-key events on Sunday nights; perhaps playing everyone’s favorite music movies? This crowd showed there’s definitely a draw for being embraced by the warm tones of the music people love, and that the reach of music knows no generation.