Ween took us away to another land at The Sound San Diego

On Sunday February 18th, 2024, Pennsylvania rockers Ween graced the stage at The Sound San Diego for the second night of two back-to-back sold out concerts, delivering a performance that defied expectations.  Night two featured an incredible 33 song set list and was a celebration of deep cuts and fan favorites, showcasing the band’s unparalleled ability to weave a tapestry of diverse musical influences into an absolutely amazing concert experience.  Ween’s talented lineup includes Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) on Guitar, Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) on Vocals, Dave Dreiwitz on bass, Claude Coleman Jr. on Drums, and Glen McClelland on keyboards.

The band seemed amused by the location adjacent to the Del Mar Racetrack for this beautiful venue.  They made jokes throughout the show about playing on top of a horse track and that the smell hadn’t fully left the building.  However the audio quality, lighting, and atmosphere at The Sound were second to none on this night, with a giant loyal crowd absolutely losing their minds to the music.  The setlist for the second night delved into the far reaches of Ween’s eclectic discography, offering a delightful blend of well-loved classics and lesser-known gems. Tracks like “Baby Bitch” and “The Golden Eel” emerged, captivating the audience with a sense of discovery and anticipation. This emphasis on variety and unpredictability demonstrated Ween’s commitment to providing a unique experience for their fans each night.  Their songs range from straight ahead rock, to country, blues and everything in between and Ween clearly has a sound all its own.

The band’s musical brilliance really shone through, as Ween effortlessly navigated through intricate arrangements and experimented with various instruments.  How the band can remember all of these songs in different styles and jam over them together so effortlessly is mystifying. The acoustics of The Sound San Diego provided the perfect canvas for Ween’s sonic artistry, creating an immersive experience that echoed through the venue. The wonderful musicianship on display underscored the band’s mastery of their craft and their commitment to delivering a top-notch live performance.  And the crowd went wild, with large groups of folks dancing for hours in the aisles all around the spacious ground and 2nd floors of the venue.

The interaction between Dean and Gene Ween, and their audience added a layer of intimacy to the concert. Playful banter and engaging dialogue created a sense of family, fostering a connection that clearly went beyond the music. This mutual exchange of energy between the band and the crowd elevated the atmosphere, turning The Sound San Diego into a very welcoming place where the love for Ween’s music reverberated through every corner. As the lights dimmed on the second night at The Sound San Diego, it was clear that Ween had proven their prowess as musical maestros. The deep dives into their discography, the technical brilliance on display, and the intimate connection forged with the audience were all incredible.  This was my very first Ween show and going in I had no idea what to expect, I will not miss another concert from this talented group of musicians with their welcoming community of fans.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews