Goth Babe’s epic final performance of the year was one to be remembered.

The allure of Goth Babe‘s music lies in his ability to transport listeners to far-off places, to suspend them in a timeless reverie. Griff Washburn, aka “Goth Babe,” has mastered this idea of musical escapism, capturing the essence of life’s fleeting moments with an uncanny sense of nostalgia. Washburn is originally from Tennessee and after several years living in a van in the scenic Pacific Northwest, he eventually migrated down to the sun-soaked haven of San Diego, where he has been known to write music on his 30-foot sailboat.

His connection to San Diego is deeply woven into the fabric of his artistry, as the city’s kaleidoscopic landscapes and laid-back vibes serve as inspiration. Songs like “Encinitas” with Louis the Child capture this perfectly. San Diego is the perfect backdrop for this music, where the convergence of beachy nostalgia and references to nature meet. His music defies easy categorization, effortlessly oscillating between dreamy folk, indie-pop, and hints of surf-rock. It’s as if he’s distilled the essence of a sun-drenched coastal daydream and channeled it into his compositions.

As we gathered beneath the twinkling lights at The Sound in Del Mar, it was impossible to ignore the gravitational pull of his energy during this final performance of the year. The intimate venue served as the perfect setting for a night that was equal parts ethereal and entrancing. With an entrancing blend of melancholic melodies and Washburn’s soothing, reverberating vocals, the audience was drawn into a trance-like state. It was a heady mix of lush harmonies and shimmering guitar work, leaving no doubt that Goth Babe had mastered the art of sonic alchemy. His live performance, interworked with the entrancing and dreamy visuals, transformed the songs we knew and loved into something otherworldly, a testament to his remarkable talent. 

As the night unfurled, it became clear that this was more than just a concert; it was an immersive experience and Washburn performed with energy unlike ever before. The audience swayed, enraptured by the music, and the night seemed to stretch on forever, an ethereal dream woven into reality. At one point, the musician invited Forrest Dein, founder of local hard kombucha company JuneShine to crowd surf on a massive inflatable watermelon. Later on, the musician tossed a life-size cardboard cut-out of Will Ferrell dressed as “Buddy the Elf” from hit holiday motion picture, Elf. 

This was truly a night of enchantment, a testament to the power of music to transcend time and space. Washburn’s connection to San Diego is the heartbeat of his artistry, infusing his music with a unique sense of place and perspective. If you have the chance to catch Goth Babe live, do not hesitate; it’s an experience that will linger in your heart long after the final note has faded into the night.

Review & Photos by: Zena Marpet