Chevelle kept it real heavy at CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre with Three Days Grace and Loathe

Hard rock musical powerhouse Chevelle played a San Diego stop on their 2023 North American tour with fellow 90’s rockers Three Days Grace at SDSU’s CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre on Monday October 2nd.  The show was a rock music fan’s dream come true, with both bands playing full 75 minute sets and featuring an opening slot by the up and coming UK band Loathe.

From the moment Chevelle took the stage and kicked off their show with the thunderous “Verruckt,” from the 2021 album Niratias, it was clear that the night was going to be a very heavy one. One of the great aspects of Chevelle’s live performance is their commitment to authenticity. As vocalist Pete Loeffler proudly declared during the show, the band refuses to rely on backing tracks. This means that every note and every beat heard is actually played by the three musicians on stage, and every imperfection and improvisation adds to the genuine, raw energy of the live performance. In an era where a lot of live rock music leans on pre-recorded tracks, the band’s commitment to actually playing everything live is a refreshing choice.

Throughout the night, Chevelle delivered a set list that satisfied both die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Hits like “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along),” “Face to the Floor,” “The Clincher,” and “Send The Pain Below” had the audience on their feet, singing along with Loeffler’s signature raspy and emotive vocals.

The band also showcased their versatility, offering a balance between heavy, head-banging tracks and more melodic and emotional songs, like “Comfortable Liar” and “The Red.” The two are always huge crowd sing-alongs that highlight Chevelle’s dynamic range as they transition between blistering rock and softer ballads.

As the concert drew to a close, Chevelle had clearly left an impression on the San Diego crowd. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Loeffler, with his haunting vocals and guitar wizardry, Sam Loeffler, on drums, driving the band’s pulsating rhythms, and, not to be forgotten, touring bassist Kemble Walters providing a thunderous low-end that resonated throughout the entire SDSU campus.  Chevelle is an immensely fun live band that is keeping rock music honest and still bringing super heavy rhythmic music to their longtime loyal fans.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews