Hannibal Buress graced the stage at Music Box, creating an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and music.

He kicked off the show with his renowned stand-up set, playfully delving into his recent musical ventures, captivating the audience with entertaining anecdotes, such as the hilarious misadventure of his custom fitted bowling balls getting stolen from his car. Throughout Hannibal’s performance, he skillfully drew parallels between the worlds of music and comedy.

After Hannibal’s comedy set, the spotlight shifted to the soulful gospel hymns of the comedy podcast, “Smokin at Church,” guided by the charismatic Pastor Weed. With an air of spirituality, the audience was immersed in a cannabis-themed musical ceremony that celebrated the plant’s uplifting virtues. The hazy ritual extended to a unique confessional, where heartfelt moments of forgiveness unfolded as brave individuals were invited onstage to unburden themselves of their secrets. Throughout, the band set an enchanting atmosphere that added to the overall experience.

And then, it was time for the highlight of the night – Eshu Tune, the alter ego of Hannibal Buress, took the stage for a full-band hip-hop performance. His transition into music was seamless, blending his comedic genius with his long-standing love for hip hop. It was clear that the pandemic had allowed Hanibal the opportunity to refine his craft and create a multidimensional performance.



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Eshu Tune’s songs covered a wide range of topics, from humorous tales about veneers and eating fast food at airports to more personal reflections on not having a car after leaving his 2018 Toyota Highlander behind in Maui after moving back to LA. Eshu’s lyrics gave insight into his life as a new father, which resonated with the audience. It was evident that Hannibal embraced hip hop with the same intensity as he did comedy, shining through in his performance.

Hannibal’s triumphant return to San Diego after years since his last performance here marked a turning point in his career. He arrived with a mission to demonstrate that beyond his stand-up comedy persona, he was also a talented rapper, and he had always aspired to merge these two artistic worlds seamlessly.The fusion of music and humor showcased the growth of his artistry, and his passion for hip hop was undeniable.

Overall, Hannibal and Eshu amazed us with his abundant talents, showcasing how one person can excel in multiple fields and we can’t wait to see where he will go next.

Review by: Michael Broda