La Lom with their thought provoking Cumbia at The Quartyard with Radio Malilla

The Los Angeles based instrumental trio La Lom formed in 2021. They blend the sounds of Cumbia Sonidera, 60’s soul ballads and classic romantic boleros.

By thought provoking, I mean, this music is the epitome of sensual grooving…I’ll let your mind do the rest.

The foundation for good Cumbia music starts with rhythm; it’s distinguished by being percussion heavy with a signature double beat. Being a style of Latin Music that originated in Columbia, Cumbia uses musical instruments such as drums, flutes, maracas, and accordions with African, Amerindian, and European blended styles.

In other words, Cumbia is sugar, spice, and everything nice.

It’s always an absolute delight when I see the band La Lom… no matter what mood you arrive in, you’d leave the venue “gliding through the crowd on a chariot with flames coming out from under it.”

Radio Malilla opened the evening, and brought the extra push into the night of Cumbia. Their vocalist serenaded the concert goers in Spanish.

As for La Lom, don’t let the phrase ” instrumental trio” throw you off. The energy from the band itself and the crowd grooving together on the same wavelength of the music, is surely everything you need to have great time.

Photos & Review by: Paloma Louise