Artist: Jardin
EP: Todo es Temporal
Label: Unsigned/Self-Release

Step into Tijuana’s garden with jazzy pop band Jardin.

Tijuana, a city whose beauty, charm and talented artists, often falls victim to its worst enemy: its reputation. Out of the city’s decaying prenotions of vices, excess and violence comes Jardin’s debut EP, “Todo es Temporal” (Everything is Temporary). Their 70’s Mexican pop beautifully sustained by Jazz undertones in a full sonic scenery encourages one to easily fall into unvisited past deep longing for someone who will never be there.

Their first single, “Monte de Venus,” somberly greets us with immense but restrained passion. The lyrics draw you into the singer’s selfless and unreasonable devotion to his muse. “Ya no quiero nada, si me quieres, si me amas” (I don’t need anything, if you need me, if you love me) reminds us of our willingness to immolate our dignity for happiness.

Nothing demonstrates their mature and competent writing as much as “Fluir.” Talented keyboardist, Dalia Esquivel, plays opening notes that pull you closer only to drop you in a warm musical embrace. Softly sung lyrics like: “Quédate más tiempo a mi lado” (stay longer by my side) place you further in the song’s rich romantic reverb.

Guitarist and vocalist Gabriel Marher chooses not to whisper or confess, but to reveal and proclaim his longing, despite unrequited sentiments. “La Vida de Mi Vida” (The life of my life) encompasses the listener with the false security that blissful infatuation brings.

It’s easy to over look Tijuana and all its hidden splendor but regardless, Jardin has set a standard for both sides of the border. Some things are temporary, but the standard set by Jardin isn’t one of them.

Pepe’s Key Tracks:
Jardin – Fluir
Jardin – Monte de Venus
Jardin – La Vida de mi Vida

By: Pepe Gonzalez