Artist: Coywolf

EP: Fall of Love

Label: Unsigned/Self-Release

Release Date: May 13, 2016


Coywolf introduce themselves with a pleasing collection of technicolored psych rock tunes.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Coywolf is formed by members: Tyler Allen, vocalist and guitarist; Nicolas Percey, guitarist; Alex Barksdale, drummer; Randy DaRosa, bassist; and Clay Andrews on keys and vocals. Fall of Love was released last spring of 2016 but the balmy sunny vibes from the album are enough to bring warmth to the winter. The sound that Coywolf delivers is unpretentious, mellow, and has a natural flow with a drive carried out by shimmering shakers embellished around crisp drums. A Californian easy-going atmosphere is felt through the reverb like syrup through the album.

Listeners might think that they have heard the same worn out wave of neo psych/garage bands such as the Allah-Las and The Black Angels, but can you refute the inevitable influence that comes from listening to sun-kissed tastes of 60’s garage rock or psyche? I say let the wave carry on until it turns into white wash. Coywolf synthesizes their influences while adding their own creative touch with playful synths on tracks such as “Tricky One”. Their tracks absorb their tastes like sponges but also serve as platforms for their own original expressive form that composes Coywolf.

Fall of Love as a whole illustrates dreamy and groove swayed pleasant times as shown in the song “Bird of Prey” that rolls into the sweet chant of the track “Friends” in which the vocals endearingly repeat “I’ve got my friends with me”. It’s a beautiful and charming closer to the album which is a testament of the bonds that can develop in a band.

Make sure to check out their music on Bandcamp, and be on the lookout for a new release in 2017.

Review by: Ismael Soto