Paper-Days-EP-ForFamilyandFriends_LargeArtist: Paper Days
Title: Fun For Family & Friends
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Label: Lightning Cola Records

The first track off of the San Diego native’s Paper Days rolls over like a dream, setting the EP’s tone of aquatic landscapes.

Drums on “Kind Guidance” trickle over dueling guitars that twist and turn behind strong vocals— its pure reverb bliss. Lightly crunchy guitars drown on “Boy” as they claw to the surface for air; it sounds as if you’re listening from a dark a dewy tunnel.”Where Animals Dance” paints dancing crickets on a moonlit summer night, as chirping guitars among shuffling drums have you tapping your feet. Title track “Fun For Family & Friends” is a whirlwind of fluttery delay, pounding toms and cymbals accompanied by multiple atmospheric guitars— its all over the place! “Flutter” has thrashing drums that feels so soothing which holds true to transient batch of songs.

Among all the amphibiousness is a certain fuzz to the eight song EP, its full of light dance beats smothered with spacious guitars that feel delicate and hollow— it becomes so dreamy. Vocals on “Lightning Cola” whisper “liquid dreams”, summing up to what the whole For Family & Friends’s personality.


By: Matthew Burke