ListenSD had a chat with pop-punk locals The Montell Jordans about their next show–Local Brews Local Grooves at House of Blues San Diego.

There’s two things that San Diego does well: beer and music. Local Brews and Local Grooves at the House of Blues San Diego brings you the best of both with a lineup of San Diego bands and delicious locally made craft brews.

The Montell Jordans will be playing the next Local Brews Local Grooves this Saturday, September 9th. They’re a four piece comprised of Tim Kilcourse (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Ryan Baghai (Lead Guitar), Mat Price (Drums), and Adam Sisco (Bass). They told us about how they met, their musical influences, and their love of partying. 😉

The Montell Jordans

The Montell Jordans

How did you all meet and start playing music together?
Tim Kilcourse: Ryan and I were friends. I badgered him to play music with me for years because I knew he could shred. Once we got going, we met Matt and Adam through Craigslist and the local music scene. I wish there was a more exciting story to tell. I think what really brought us together was an equal passion for partying and rock and roll!

Have you or are you considering covering Montell Jordan’s masterpiece “This Is How We Do It”?
Tim Kilcourse: Yes, many drunk fans have expressed our need to cover it. But as you’ve stated, it’s a masterpiece. Would you repaint the Mona Lisa? No. It’s like a classic movie remake. You may think you want it, but it’ll never live up to the OG magic.

I hear a lot of early 2000s style pop-punk in your music. What are your favorites bands from that genre?
Adam Sisco: As far as pop-punk goes, some influences are My Chemical Romance, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Paramore, Weezer, Yellowcard, The Used, Alkaline Trio, and so on.
Ryan Baghai: I don’t listen to anything past 1991.

There’s a lot of 90s and early 2000s revival stuff happening right now. What do you think about that?
Tim Kilcourse: We love it! Obviously we are fans of the genre, but more that, there is a growing “scene” again in SoCal. There are a ton of amazing bands in San Diego right now and we are seeing true band camaraderie, support, and mutual fan base. We are really fortunate to be a part of it.

You’ve mentioned in a San Diego Reader interview that you enjoy hard rock like Metallica and Guns N Roses. I can definitely hear and see this influence in your heavy riffs and boob-tastic imagery from your Sweater Puppies album cover. What do you like about these bands and why?
Tim Kilcourse: “Boob-tastic”! That is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about our album.
Ryan Baghai: Personally, I love guitar solos and big riffs and those are the bands that did it well. I love the nostalgia and how it embodies everything rock and roll is supposed to be: big drums, ripping guitars, screaming vocals, babes, and partying!

The Montell Jordans

Sweater Puppies album by The Montell Jordans

Speaking of your debut album, Sweater Puppies, what’s a “sweater puppy”?
Adam Sisco: A bosom.
Tim Kilcourse: I guess it’s old timer slang for a nice set of cans.
Ryan Baghai: Not cans of beer—fleshy cans with nipple toppers.

What was the creating of the album process like for you?
Tim Kilcourse: We wrote and produced it ourselves so it was fun at times, frustrating at times, exhausting at times, but overall rewarding. For a first release, to aim for a full length album seems daunting. But we felt like we knew our sound, had the material, and wanted to hit the ground running. And now we are ready to do it all over again!

Tell me about your new song and its suggestive title “Butts to Nuts.”
Tim Kilcourse: We recently found out there was an epidemic of people going to clubs and not getting laid. So we decided to write a PSA about it to raise awareness.

Are you excited to play Local Brews Local Grooves at House of Blues San Diego?
Tim Kilcourse: Extremely excited! We’ve had the pleasure of playing House of Blues a couple times before and they’re always super fun shows. Not to mention all the rock history there. It’s a honor to play the same stage as so many of our favorite bands and musical icons before us.
Ryan Baghai: Plus with all the craft breweries there, it will be the perfect opportunity to pitch the idea for our signature beer: “The Mont-Ale Jordans!”

What else do The Montell Jordans have planned for the future?
Mat Price: We are releasing our new single, “Butts to Nuts,” on October 3rd! We just shot a music video for it with Director Mario Rivera and we are super stoked to share it! We also are currently working on another full length album that we anticipate for early 2018. After that we plan to hit the road for some more touring.
Tim Kilcourse: Then we are going to collectively run for president as a band. The Party Party 2020!

If you want to party with The Montell Jordans this Saturday, grab some tickets here!

Interview by: Lara McCaffrey