Steel Panther, took the House of Blues San Diego by storm during their 2024 On the Prowl World Tour. The flamboyant and comedic glam metal band, whose roots trace back to the early 2000s, have since skyrocketed to fame, gracing rock and roll’s grandest stages, releasing six albums, and relentlessly touring worldwide. Lead singer Michael Starr, in a nod to the band’s humble beginnings in San Diego, reminisced as usual about the band’s early days at Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach, where they built the foundation for their outrageous performances.  Steel Panther was back in San Diego just about a year after their last show at House of Blues in 2023, and this year’s concert was just as crazy as ever.

The concert, showcased Steel Panther’s 2023 album “On The Prowl,” featuring the infectious 80’s metal single “1987” and another super hard and heavy song in “Friends With Benefits.”   The band also treated the audience to a barrage of their craziest hits, including “Just Like Tiger Woods,” “Tomorrow Night,” and of course their classic Corey Taylor collaboration “Death to All but Metal.”  Steel Panther has recently surged in popularity from their appearance last year on America’s Got Talent; it was great to see so many new faces enjoying the band at this show

The banter between lead singer Starr and led guitarist Satchel added its usual comedic flair, with jokes about the audience, the songs, and mostly each other.  Drummer Stix Zadinia delivered a bombastic performance, laying down heavy grooves all evening and providing a worthy foil for Stachel and Starr.  A highlight of the show was bassist Spyder, the newest member of the group. His thunderous bass lines add a fresh dimension to Steel Panther’s sound and his onstage humor is developing more and more. The sold-out crowd embraced the madness, with neon and animal print dominating the sea of mostly older but very enthusiastic fans.

A Steel Panther concert is a unique experience, blending comedy, instrumental prowess, heavy metal intensity, and pure rock and roll fun. The energy this band bring is unparalleled, making each show a one-of-a-kind spectacle. As the night unfolded in San Diego, the metal faithful reveled in the infectious atmosphere created by Steel Panther, leaving the hope for many more concerts in San Diego from these heavy metal court jesters.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews