Highly Suspect took their fans on a soulful musical journey at The House of Blues San Diego

Highly Suspect took The House of Blues San Diego on a soulful musical journey on December 1st, 2023, as they kicked off their “The Midnight Demon Club” West Coast tour with a fourteen song set list, one song for each of their fourteen year career, showcasing the raw power and emotional depth of their music. The evening opened with an explosive trifecta: “Bloodfeather,” “Blue Eyed Devil,” and “Mexico.” The choice of these tracks set the tone for the night, with each song unraveling a different facet of Highly Suspect’s unique sound.

“Bloodfeather” served as a thunderous introduction, with Johnny Stevens’ soulful vocals soaring above the gritty guitar riffs and pulsating rhythm section. “Blue Eyed Devil” a much newer unreleased song followed, adding a darker and more introspective blues layer to the performance. The intensity of the music matched Stevens’ emotional delivery, creating a captivating atmosphere that held the audience in complete attention. As “Mexico” unfolded, the band’s versatility was on full display, blending elements of rock, blues, and soul into a dynamic musical concoction.

The momentum of the band’s playing built throughout the set and reached its peak during the encore, leaving an incredible impression on the audience. The band closed the show with an electrifying trifecta of “Run For Your Death,” “Claudeland,” and “Pink Lullaby.” “Run For Your Death,” another new song surged with unbridled energy, the crowd engulfed in the sonic whirlwind created by the band. “Claudeland” brought a different punk rock texture, showcasing Highly Suspect’s classic ability to navigate between sonic landscapes. The strong chants and heavy screams of “Pink Lullaby” left the audience in awe, a perfect conclusion to a night filled with musical highs.

Highly Suspect’s choice of songs demonstrated their commitment to crafting a setlist that takes their audiences on a journey, exploring their various musical influences. From the explosive opening to the heavy conclusion, each song contributed to an unforgettable night at The House of Blues San Diego, solidifying the band’s reputation as a live act that leaves an enduring impact on all who experience their performance.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews