Day N Night couldn’t have come at a better time in the world of rap and hip hop.

Coming around for the second year, Day N Night fest is the West Coast’s three-day showcase of hip hop artists trying to establish their place in the music scene. The space that once divided mainstream rap from the underground for so long is now being breached more and more by artists emerging from media platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube, and even Instagram, out of nowhere. The result: promising artists with little under their career belt looking to make a name for themselves. Below is a list of the hottest rappers right now, ready to take their popularity to a new level.

Day One

D Savage 3900

Hailing from Gardena, Ca, Cutthroat Record’s D Savage already has a string of singles and a lot of hype to go along with them. A regular performer at the Sake World stage in Hollywood, D Savage’s show at Day N Night will be one of the bigger that he’s done. Without an EP to his name, the 19 year old’s performance will be highly anticipated from Los Angeles local hypebeasts and worldwide listeners alike.

Pi’erre Bourne

Pi’erre Bourne is truly a man behind the curtains. Known most notably for producing Playboi Carti’s hit single “Magnolia”, Pie’erre has also produced for the like of Young Nudy, Trippie Redd, and UnoTheActivist. In addition to producing, Bourne also shows promising solo work potential. Coming from Atlanta, Pi’erre Bourne’s career is on the rise, and his performance will be a big step towards more mainstream recognition with his self-motivated work ethic.


Smokepurrp is just one of the new social media pop stars emerging from the Florida underground scene, along with Lil Pump, Pouya, and XXXTentacion to name a few. With Smokepurrp’s mixtape titled Deadstar coming soon, Purrp’s growing fame is a prime example of how quickly the underground is breaking into the music industry. In less than a year, Smokepurrp went from playing at The Irenic San Diego to being one of the bigger performances at Day N Night that people are excited for.

Day Two

Oliver Francis

Oliver Francis is making his first performance debut at Day N Night. The Columbus, Missouri native recently issued his first mixtape on Spotify, but had previously kept all of his music on Soundcloud and Youtube. Oliver’s solemn sound and enigmatic persona generates this exciting mystique surrounding the beginning of his career. Francis may be one of the smaller names on the performance list, but his cult following will surely bring a lot of hype to his set.

Rich Chigga

After having a successful twitter career, Brian Imanuel, A.K.A Rich Chigga, has started one of the most exciting rap careers to follow. Rich Chigga was born and Raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Having taught himself English through the internet, Chigga began his twitter comedy page early in his teens. Brian is 18 years old and becoming more popular with each show he plays. Rich Chigga’s ambition will be the driving force of his career, and the best part of his performance.

Day Three

Young Gleesh

Young gleesh is a don of Soundcloud rap. Gleesh was a fundamental influence of the Soundcloud rap scene, and has had a humble career timeline. While grinding away for so ling, Young Gleesh is only now getting the recognition he deserves. What a Gleesh verse lacks in lyrical technicality is overpowered by the authority and cadence to his music. As his career grows, so does the anticipation for every one of his shows.

Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s unique sound doesn’t even bring him close to his colleagues in music. Trippie takes his time on a verse, and isn’t afraid to embrace his feelings in the lyrics. His words are chosen wisely, and are vivacious in nature. Trippie Redd has also brushed shoulders with popular artists on the Soundcloud platform, such as XXXTentacion, Teka$hi 69, and Digital NAS. Redd’s increasing popularity further proves that in 2017, a strong social media presence is a major factor into growing a name for yourself and a strong reputation to go with it.


$uicideBoy$ are a Southern Duo that have travelled around the world to spread their sound. The two are some of the most qualified for the title “Kings of the Underground”. So much so, that their numbers in streams and downloads are rivaled with mainstream artists. Despite the fame that they have developed, $uicideBoy$ have never strayed away from the lyrical content they started with. $uicideBoy$ embraces their dark content and encourages their fans to do the same. With 29 projects, half a million soundcloud followers, and an intimidating number of world-wide tour stops, they’re pretty hard to surpass. So then, it is only right that the tour saves the best for last. Day three of Day N Night fest will surely be remembered in part by the extremely amped up crowd waiting to see them.

By: Isakk Orduno