The Epstein Family Amphitheater at UC San Diego in La Jolla, California, witnessed an electrifyingly funky performance on October 21, 2023, as Parliament Funkadelic, led by the iconic George Clinton, took the stage.  This concert was a one year anniversary celebration for the young venue which is also celebrating the start of another concert season full of great entertainment. The eager crowd on this beautiful San Diego evening was in for a night of unforgettable music.

George Clinton, an enduring musical and cultural legend, graced the stage with his charismatic presence. Although he now mostly directs this legendary band from a seat onstage, his aura and voice still held the audience captive.  He also got up at many points throughout the show singing, rapping, and cheering on his massive band. Funkadelic’s set list featured classics like “Flash Light,” “One Nation Under a Groove,” and “Atomic Dog,” instantly igniting the dance floor. The super tight rhythm section, with its thumping bass and infectious beats, set a groove that would define the night. A surprise cover of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” brought the house down, and some extended instrumental jams really showcased the impressive band’s musical ability.

The visual effects at the amphitheater, including projections, LED lights, and a beautiful lighted canopy created an immersive atmosphere that perfectly complemented the music.  Light up batons and glasses set the audience ablaze with shifting patterns of colors swirling along to the music. Parliament Funkadelic’s message of unity, love, and freedom resonated throughout the night, creating a palpable sense of togetherness amongst the crowd.

As the evening drew to a close and the dance floor finally slowed down, the crowd seemed thrilled to have witnessed this legendary band in person.  Parliament Funkadelic and George Clinton delivered a night of musical magic, proving that the power of funk music to unite and uplift everyone endures.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews