Cehryl, Soft Glas, and Sports had Soda Bar in a dreamy trance on Saturday, December 2nd.



Cehryl took the stage first at Soda Bar. She plugged in her guitar, introduced herself, then proceeded into a set of gloomy yet romantic R&B and hip-hop slow jams. A standout was “Side Effects,” from her Wherever It May Be album: Her singing on this track was soulful and backed by gorgeous reverberated harmonies. One of the last songs she played was a cover of “Swim Good” by Frank Ocean. Her take on the song left the crowd relaxed and ready for the next act.

Soft Glas had a jazzy and groovy approach, performing with his guitar and drum pad. As a drummer, he showed off techniques acquired from his drum-line days. His performance of “Coral Springs” from his 2017 album, Orange Earth, was fantastic. He sang with a moody voice over syncopated beats and ethereal synths. At the end of the song, he gave an insightful speech on being homebound and the nostalgia that comes with it. Soft Glas said his goodbyes and introduced Sports.

Sports began with an experimental introduction and silver jackets. The band’s sound hearkens back to the 80’s. Their backdrop of shimmering curtains, a smoke machine, and lights added to the 80’s vibes.

A crowd pleaser was “Feels Like Magic” from Sports’ 2015 release, Naked All the Time. People grooved to the heavy synth, the minimal bass, and the alternative guitar riffs. Vocalist Cale Chronister sang a silvery melody accompanied by falsetto from the bassist, Jacob Theriot.

Finally, Sports finished off the night with “You Are the Right One” from the same album. Guitarist Christian Theriot delivered a bendy and clean lead guitar on this track. It was a dreamy end to a dreamy night of music.


Review By: Hector Quintero
Photos By: Rachel Frank