Ariel Levine

Ariel Levine – “Let the Machine Get It”

Artist: Ariel Levine
Album: Let The Machine Get It
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: December 8th, 2017

Let The Machine Get It grabs the listener by the collar and throws them into the rock and roll world of Ariel Levine.

The debut album from San Diego artist Ariel Levine has elements ranging from the brash sounds of Queens of the Stones Age, David Bowie, to the heady material of Pink Floyd’s Animals. The most notable thing about Let The Machine Get It is how meticulously crafted it is. Ariel Levine, a recording engineer in San Diego, has now applied his skills to his own album–and the results show.

The opening track, “I Feel So Safe,” begins with a minimal, haunting bass riff. Ethereal synths crescendo into a frenetic outro that sets the bar high for the rest of the album. Another notable track is “We Fall In Line.” It weaves seamlessly from rock to funk showcasing this shows the versatility of Levine’s songwriting.

The album takes another turn with the dreamy and Bowie-esque, “Don’t Fail Me Now.” As the song continues to build, it proves to be an expansive soundscape. “Sunshine II: On My Color TV” is a grooving rock commentary on the substance and jarring effects of television featuring quite possibly the funkiest synth solo recorded all year.

Let The Machine Get It will be released December 8th on Bleeding Gold Records (who have released titles from artists like Spooky Cigarette). Catch Ariel Levine headlining the Casbah on December 19th for the album release show.

Review by: Max Sanchez