Credit: Olivia Bee

After a four year hiatus, King Tuff is back! The King himself has blessed his loyal subjects with an incredible album, The Other

In support of the new album, King Tuff will be taking the album throughout North America with an extensive tour ending in mid-June. With a stop in San Diego, we’ve got three great reasons why you have to get yourself (and your friends!) to the Casbah on Thursday, May 3rd!

1.) His New Album Features Bold New Songwriting And Heavy Hitting Guests

The time King Tuff spent recording this album allowed him to create a more cohesive, grandiose, and groovy vision! The music is a direct result of that and the listener can hear the thoughtful introspection and expansive musical landscape in the new songs. Featuring Ty Segall’s masterful drumming and Jenny Lewis’s distinct and striking vocals, the album is a sea change for King Tuff and marks a huge moment in his songwriting.


2.) Prepare To Cast Under The Black Moon Spell Of King Tuff’s Riffs

King Tuff is well known for his raucous live show, filled with great times and even better riffs. Take a look at this live video at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and prepare to head nod from your desk (it’s okay, we’re all doing it).


3.) Opening Band Cut Worms Are Absolutely Amazing

With their debut self titled album coming out May 4th, this up and coming band fronted by Max Clarke (who has played shows with Foxygen and the Lemon Twigs) is opening the show at the Casbah. Cut Worms mix the good natured music of Buddy Holly’s tunes and the best of The Beatles most playful tracks together to make irresistible pop songs that demands repeat listens.

Preview By: Max Sanchez