Credit: Mary Kang

Khruangbin’s upcoming sold-out show at the Belly Up Tavern is around the corner, and San Diego is ready to welcome them with open arms on Friday, May 4th.

Here are four songs from Khruangbin’s discography that make us feel amazing! Concert-goers should look forward to their ability to hypnotize the crowd into a state of bliss with their funky, smooth, and clean sounds. Leave us a comment on how Khruangbin’s music makes you feel!


  1. “Friday Morning” – Con Todo El Mundo

It’s Friday morning, the weekend is approaching, and Khruangbin has you covered to start the day off right. With a guitar riff rooted in the smooth and sultry songwriting style of the Isley Brothers, this song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


  1. “Evan Finds the Third Room” – Con Todo El Mundo

If you need to take a break from the monotony of your day and let loose with a few moves, “Evan Finds the Third Room” is your song. The infectious bassline, catchy “Yes!” vocals, and tasteful high-hat will have you and anyone within an earshot grooving in no time.


  1.  August 10″Con Todo El Mundo


Chilling at home with a glass of wine while watching the sunset would be the most ideal setting for a song like this. If you can’t catch a sunset or a wine bottle is nowhere in sight, putting this song on for any occasion will create a perfect vibe.


  1. “White Gloves” – The Universe Smiles Upon You

The rain and thunderstorm sounds coupled with the opening soulful chords of the song are sure to bring back beautiful memories to the listener. The vocals blend beautifully into the background, and the guitar tones flow effortlessly. Easily one of their most relaxing songs to date.

Preview By: Max Sanchez