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Keep yourself up-to-date with everything music during the pandemic, and here’s us hoping for a return to concerts and festivals very soon.

As always, we love you, stay safe – we’re all in this together.



New single “Dumb” features San Diego artist Pharaoh

This week we’re featuring Oceanside native, Hailey Wild.

Last week, Hailey dropped her newest single “Dumb”, which features another local artist Pharaoh. The music video features scenic Oceanside shots where the two grew up.

This single will also be featured on her upcoming debut album “Young and Numb”. The album explores feelings of unrequited love and how in today’s culture, we often suppress feelings of deep love for fear of rejection.

Hailey will be taking over ListenSD’s Instagram this Friday, May 8th, so be sure to tune in.

The industry pushes on
Livestreams + releases abound!

Keep your eye on the music still moving and grooving even in the face of event and tour cancellations across the world. Many favorite artists – ours and yours, big and small – are hosting virtual concerts, and are still holding strong on some incredible album and EP releases. Check out our highlights!

Robert Fripp of the legendary King Crimson is excited to bring you his new series, Music For Quiet Moments, streamed live every Friday. Stream a soundscape every Friday via YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify for some relaxing evening moments.

Live From Daryl’s House was created in 2007 by Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Daryl Hall, who wanted a show where he and his talented friends could hangout and rock out in a relaxed atmosphere. This week, he hosts rock singer Grace Potter of the Nocturnals.

Feeding San Diego Home Challenge

In the face of deciding to forgo their annual BRO-AM events this June, local San Diego band Switchfoot and the BRO-AM foundation have launched the #HomeFoodChallenge social media campaign to help raise funds and awareness for Feeding San Diego.

BRO-AM have started with their own $5,000 donation.

For your ears!

Houston-based funk group Khruangbin have shared “Time (You And I)”, the latest single from their upcoming full-length album Mordechai, out this June. The single features vocals, a first for the mostly-instrumental band,  and celebrates staying in the moment, “playing like children play.”

Making A Door Less Open
Car Seat Headrest

The new album from Car Seat Headrest is their first collection of entirely new music since 2016, and was created with those four years dedicated to fruitful “collaboration” between bandleader Will Toledo and 1 Trait Danger, their electronic side project. Making A Door Less Open is possibly one of their  most ambitious projects yet, and travels into a newly polished territory for CSH.

Invisible People
Chicano Batman

Los Angeles-based four piece Chicano Batman present their second album, an experimental mix of psychedelia, funk, soul, samba, and countless other genres, Their signature psychedelic aesthetic shines through on what is sure to be yet another stand-out in their career.


A longtime participant in many facets of the industry – getting her start in former lo-fi band Sky Larkin; joining Sleater-KinneyKurt Vile, and Courtney Barnett on tour; starting her own label Handmirror; and playing on Waxahatchee‘s 2017 album – Katie Harkin has finally stepped into her own limelight with a new self-titled album. It’s ten songs of heartfelt confession and admissions of tension that sparkle all their own.


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