FORM 2018 – Day Split Line Up Released

After touring globally and playing at a variety of festivals, the band Hundred Waters yearned for more. They felt there was a need for a deeper sense of personal connection at these events, creative inspiration and communal collaboration.  From this vision, FORM festival was born in 2013 and taking place May 11-13 this year. 

“Festival of the future” – Pitchfork

“Redefining the music festival as a summit for community, dialogue and creativity” – Refinery 29

Staged under the stars, amongst the cacti in the unique desert eco-city, Arcosanti outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Arcosanti is the brainchild of famed late Architect, Paolo Soleri. The purpose behind Arcosanti and Soleri’s concept of “arcology” was to create a hyper-dense city, designed to: maximize human interaction with ready access to shared, cost-effective infrastructural services; conserve water and reduce sewage; minimize the use of energy, raw materials and land; reduce waste and environmental pollution.

FORM 2018 Day Splits

The FORM daily music lineup has just been announced with some returning and reputable acts like:  Beach House, Skrillex, Chance the Rapper, Fleet Foxes, Blood Orange, Charli XCX, Courtney Barnett, and The Black Madonna. 

For 3 days and nights participants will experience not only live music, but also talks/panels, workshops, experiential art, screenings, and yoga to round out the cultural programming.  Talks and discussions will be held by the HRC, Planned Parenthood, The Phoenix Art Museum to name a few.

FORM Official Trailer & Photos:



San Diego’s very own Stacy Keck  captured moments of FORM that embody the experience in a more intimate sense. The gallery shown below is her recap of 2017, lending you a real-feel of the vibes at FORM Arcosanti: performance-art demonstrations, people soaking up the dichotomous environment, and connecting in conversation with each other.