Fleet Foxes perform at Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater

At the top of their game, Fleet Foxes filled a welcoming San Diego audience with warmth on a soothing night

To open the night was Tim Bernardes, a Brazilian singer-songwriter, played soft melodic songs that washed over the crowd. The light melodies created a welcoming atmosphere, indicative of what was to come….and what came was a near-perfect set of vocal and instrumental performance prowess.

Fleet Foxes are a band that does not put on a bad show, but what really made the show special were the new songs from their album “Shore,” which they crafted after some schooling and time off from the industry. The show consisted of their classic hits and fan favorites. Every fan in attendance was in awe and clung to the towering voice of lead singer Robin Pecknold.

Shore came out at a time when everyone was shut down inside, yet it gave an outlet for people to really grasp onto something. You could tell throughout the show that not only did fans gravitate toward the album in a time of need, but it was also very impactful for Robin and the band.

It felt like a very freeing moment for the band to be able to play these shows together again, while a little more as grizzly veterans rather than grizzly bearded 20-year-olds, doing what they love…and excelling at it.

Photos by: Lauren Hartmann
Review by: Eduardo Rozen

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