The Used kicking-off the Nowhere Generation II tour at Petco Park

Our hearts stopped as our favorite emo punk band walked on stage, but then were quickly resuscitated with The Used opening with Maybe Memories to a setting sun over Petco Park. Their set was voltaic fuel to the mosh pit and tears were ones of euphoria. It felt right to be amidst the crowd embracing their nostalgia and each other as we screamed along to songs that have carried us through disparate journeys.

While the crew primarily stuck to early-stage songs, their most most recent album, Heartwork, was released in 2020. While the band didn’t have a chance to tour to promote it, word is that they have a new album coming out soon. As we wait patiently for them to announce a headline tour, they have a myriad of shows coming up. First being a month and a half long tour in support of Rise Against. In the Fall, they will be joining A Day to Remember and are on the line-up for the When We Were Young Festival. Honestly, there’s really no excuse for you not to see them this year.

Photos & Review by: Raelena Kniff