It’s been twenty years since The Breeders‘ monumental album Last Splash hit the top of the alternative charts.

During rehearsals for the group’s eight-month LSXX Tour, where they performed the album in its entirety, The Breeders wrote a setlist of mostly new songs (and some classics, of course). And they went on the road again for a small string of dates leading up to a Sept. 18 show at the Hollywood Bowl alongside Neutral Milk Hotel and Daniel Johnston. One of those dates was The Casbah on Wednesday night.

Opening for The Breeders was The Neptunas, a surf garage band who’ve been rocking since their 1994 debut EP, Surfatorium. Their carefree playful attitude was infectious, and the audience and the band shared unadulterated music and good times. My favorite point was when they played a song by The Mummies, then burst into one of their own–“Bongwater Babies”–both of which showcased their style, charisma, and humor.  The good times were far from over as the sold-out Casbah filled up: front to back, left to right, patio, and pool hall.

Then, The Breeders: the Deal sisters and gang gave a superb performance, delivering the classics like they wrote them yesterday and new material in no less of a moving way.  Kim played a dirty acoustic/electric into a bass cabinet and Kelley played lead, with Josephine Wiggs on bass and Jim Macpherson holding it down on drums.  I had goosebumps when Kim sang “Do You Love Me Now?” and couldn’t stand still during Kelley’s “I Just Wanna Get Along.” And watching the sisters crack jokes amongst the band and smiling the whole time was real special–they have amazing smiles!

There is something magical in The Breeders’ music, especially Kim’s voice. She sang softly and sweetly, almost like a whisper, and then belt it out: just like she did on Last Splash years ago. I’m keeping an eye on The Breeders; it’d be great to see a full album of this promising new material.

Photos By: Josh Claros

Review By: Alex Packard