The energy the audience brought to the Casbah last week for the resurgence (of sorts) of local San Diego favorites, The Silent Comedy, could have knocked down doors.

The Silent Comedy gave their devotees a next level heavy blues rock performance. They played songs from their new album Enemies Multiply, and mixed in a few favorites, like “Bartholmew,” from their previous release Common Faults. The night was their Album Release show for their long awaited LP. The album was created in the ashes of some past anger and disappointment, but the show was definitely a celebration and assurance that now was was finally the right time.

Local indie rockers Stray Monroe were a good match leading up to the Creature Canyon set, and delivered a solid, crisp rock n’ roll performance.

Creature Canyon, who were celebrating the release of their EP, Did You Want That, left little extra space in the room as they brought in a solid crowd of their own. The band had been slowly releasing singles one at a time throughout the year leading up to their two record release shows (they had held one the night before in LA) The engaged crowd responded well to Austin Steele, guitar and lead vocal, when he spiced up the set randomly with spastic moves that complimented the band’s sound and vibe. The local San Diego band offers an Indie Rock with a Blues Soul that has commercial success worthy refinement and catchy melodic hooks.

Definitely keep an eye out for upcoming gigs to catch these bands live!

Photography and review by: Kristy Walker