Photo by: Sam Kristofski

Kiwi R&B surrealist Connan Mockasin gives a rare San Diego performance at the sold-out gig.

After the audience was treated to Molly Lewis‘ strange yet blissful whistling solo set, the New Zealand musician Connan Mockasin took the stage accompanied by his three bandmates. Equipped with a Fender Strat with its bouts both chopped off, Mockasin warmed up by playing some slide guitar, using his drink as the slide. He and his band jumped right into “Charlotte’s Thong,” the first track off of his latest album Jassbusters. Unfortunately, fans weren’t treated to a screening of Bostyn ‘n Dobsyn, a five-part melodrama film derived from the concept of Jassbusters, created and directed by Mockasin himself. Nevertheless, Connan Mockasin gave San Diego a grand set filled with fan favorites like “Forever Dolphin Love” and “I’m the Man, That Will Find You.” During “Why Are You Crying?” Mockasin stepped into the crowd and sat on the floor, still fingerpicking his guitar while audience members followed and made a seat for themselves around him. More crowd participation ensued when the band performed a quick cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” where the crowd sang along at the top of their lungs. Mockasin continued to play tunes off his new record, including an intimate solo performance of “Con Conn Was Impatient.” San Diego was very lucky to have Connan Mockasin play a show, as he rarely gives his dynamic performances here. It may be a while until he and his group return, but hopefully, we can see a screening of his movie or even a performance by Soft Hair next time.

Review by: Luis Mireles