animal collective

Animal Collective

Baltimore-based Psychedelic pop masters Animal Collective have always been at the forefront of experimentation and innovation with their sound. Coming off the release of their latest album, “Time Skiffs,” Animal Collective was poised to craft a stellar show.

Spirit of The Beehive, whose 2021 album “Entertainment, Death” rattled the indie world and grew countless comparisons to Animal Collective, opened the night as the perfect band to set the stage. As the sun went down, people filtered into Humphrey’s by the Bay, the Shelter Island outdoor lawn venue overlooking the water. The sun reflected on the yachts docked next to the shore setting the ambiance for the show. 

Animal Collective offered a fine balance between push-pull bliss-outs and twitchy freakout jams. Tracks from “Time Skiffs” shared space with the classics such as “My Girls” and “Fireworks.” The packed crowd embraced Avey Tare’s every howl to the chopped and skewed noise sample, welcoming a spiritual awakening within the music.  

Animal Collective is a sight to see. Whether you are a fan of their new music or their classic hits, the energy and performance they put on will breathe life into your soul. It’s clear that when the full collective is present is when they shine the most and are at their precipice of creativity. Don’t miss out on the next time they let their marvelous psychedelia reign supreme. 

Photos by: Rachel Frank
Review by Eduardo Rozen