the guest room Artist: The Guest Room
Title: “Destination”
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: June 10, 2022
Produced by: ListenSDLeadWolf
Directed by Oscar (Oz) Riveros


Southern California indie soul band, The Guest Room, takes us on a cosmic journey with their upbeat melodic groovy beats intertwined with pure soul vocals on their latest track “Destination.”

Imagine floating through time and space, dreaming of different worlds all while expanding your mind with funky guitar riffs, upbeat tempo, and soothing vocals to elevate your energetic field. That’s what The Guest Room will do to you with their brand new track “Destination.”

“Destination” is the latest track from The Guest Room and Adison Rice, and the second single release for the Southern California collaborators. “Destination” is a fitting summer anthem that invites the listener to “get up and go”. While on its face, “Destination” can be taken as a simple song about traveling and exploring, it’s also something a little deeper; it’s a declaration that no matter what you do, or where you go, the only thing that matters is who you’ve surrounded yourself with.

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