King Tuff Band Photo

King Tuff (cc: Dan Monick)

We got the chance to chat with King Tuff before his show this coming Thursday at The Irenic! Check it out below and don’t miss out on seeing him live. You can purchase tickets here.

What was it like growing up in Vermont? Do you think your Vermont roots have had an influence on your music and personal style?

King Tuff: It was beautiful and boring and I think both those things made me who I am today! I grew up half punk half townie, and I think about trees with leather jackets and mountains with mohawks a lot.

What’s your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

King Tuff: Cherry Garcia duh. Actually Chunky Monkey.

What were the album(s) that first got you into music?

King Tuff: A Jimi Hendrix compilation and Green Day Dookie

According to the Subpop website, there were many strange occurrences while making your new album Black Moon Spell would you like to elaborate on that?

King Tuff: There’s stories of big spiders peeing in human toilet bowls, flies using peanut shells for canoes in pools of orange juice, slabs mystery meat getting a tan on the patio, but it’s all too personal to go into.

The website also said that no one was prepared to make Black Moon Spell, how did the creation of the new album come about?

King Tuff: Well we were all damn near forced into it. I was thrown into this crazy food processor labeled Black Moon Spell and they damn near chopped me up in there. Took all my money too. I coulda made a damn good dishwasher but I chose music. Now look at me. All chopped up!

Who were some of your musical influences during the making of Black Moon Spell?

King Tuff: The roof rabbits tap dancing on top of my house. The rats playing my pipes like flutes. The raccoons have a jam band in my compost bin. The bad mufflers all across LA. John Lennon’s nose whistle. My Grandparents melodic Jewish bickering.

I remember a while back reading one of your tweets complaining about people with their cell phones out at shows, would you like to tell us why you’re against cell phones at shows?

King Tuff: There’s nothing more depressing than performing while looking down at a sea of people ignoring you and making love to their phones. It’s disrespectful and it makes my skeleton wanna come out of of my skin and start slapping.

What are some of your favorite new bands?

King Tuff: White Fang, Big Meatball and The Spaghetti Heads, George Martian, The Bagels featuring Cream Cheese & Lox, Jesse Jones…

You’re known for your almost outlandish personal style, do you have any fashion inspirations?

King Tuff: Am I outlandish? I feel like I’m not outlandish enough! I feel kind of inlandish nowadays. My style is based on the Vile Kyle Garbage Pail Kid card with a little bit of John Kruk thrown in for good measure.

Interview By: Sami Shaffer