Jed Elliott of The Struts

Jed Elliott of The Struts

Fast becoming a hit band, The Struts took the stage at House of Blues San Diego this past Wednesday to a sold out show full of lively, dedicated fans.

By: Francesca Tirpak

Need a pick-me-up? The lineup at this show is a sure go-to for upbeat, danceable music. Openers Bleeker riled up the already energized crowd through a set rife with the kind of classic alternative rock sounds that you just can’t keep from at least tapping a foot to. Only just having released their first, self-titled EP a few days earlier, the Toronto band dominated the stage with an impressive presence.

British rock band The Struts, quickly rising to fame from their single “Coulda Been Me,” a feel-good ballad popular on alternative rock radio stations, arrived on the dark stage to a roar of applause and cheer. Dressed up in glitter and leather pants, lead vocalist Luke Spiller prances onstage with a swagger that defines the band both musically and in performance. Pro tip for music artists: interacting with the crowd and even the photographers (see bassist Jed Elliot’s pictures below) makes for an even more exciting show. The modern era rock atmosphere created by the band was dispersed through the diverse crowd – the youngest being a seven year old peeking just over the barrier – and the full house was not disappointed.