Matthew Logan Vasquez (Photo By: Ben Kaye)

Matthew Logan Vasquez (Photo By: Ben Kaye)

Matthew Logan Vasquez, frontman of Delta Spirit, talked with us about his solo release and becoming a dad before his solo show tonight at the Casbah.

Right now, right at this moment, where are you and what are you doing?

Driving to San Diego!

Last time you rolled through town, while playing the Last Waltz-style show with Delta Spirit and Friends, you joked that ‘people come up to you and told you about their favorite songs… most of which were written by Kelly (Winrich)’. Is going solo your response, getting those 40+ songs in your head out to the world?

Yep that’s the idea! It feels good to get it all out! I’ve still got a bunch more music I’d like to release!

Taking all of the potential songs and getting them on tape, down to an EP and then LP – how do you know when you’re done with an album? The recent EP and Solicitor Returns LP have songs ranging from short to 18 minutes… how do you know when to wrap it all up?

More or less it’s a gut thing.

You’ve claimed Southern California, New York, and Austin as home, and Austin and New York are track titles on the EP and LP. How have the various distinct cultures of the locations affected your music?

Each place has brought epiphany and opportunity to grow. Right now I’m really happy living back home in Austin.

This album, and in particular, “Everything I Do Is Out,” is all about doing the things you want to do. For you, right now that’s playing rock’n’roll but you also have toddler now. We hear that it’s incredibly rewarding, but also incredibly difficult. How have the things you want to do in life changed? Does the rock and roll lifestyle incorporate tummy time well?

It does now! Having a kid gave me a better sense of my own mortality. Also a purpose to do what I do best.


Check out Matt’s show tonight at the Casbah!

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Interview By: Hannah Winokur & David Israel

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