San Pedro El Cortez

San Pedro El Cortez (cc: Gabe Scott Snacks)

Photos By: Gabe Scott Snacks and Rachel Frank

By: Hannah Winokur

The self proclaimed dive bar, Soda Bar, was packed this past Tuesday as Tijuana rockers, San Pedro El Cortez shredded the stage, opening up for Night Beats.

We missed Dream Joints, but by the look of the photos, Mikey of Wild Wild Wets killed it. San Pedro El Cortez played second. A foursome from Tijuana who could care less what you think of them.  The band holds nothing back the second they take the stage. Their sound is heavily psychedelic and we wouldn’t be surprised if a few instruments suffered some injuries during their performances.  They put on a damn good show, setting the tone for the rest of the night.
Hailing from Seattle, Washington, The Night Beats brought the psychedelic bluesy rock to North Park.  Facebook lists their Genre as Experimental R&B and I am telling myself this is a joke.  If it is not in fact a joke I oughtta relearn thing or two about what R&B actually stands for–not to say The Night Beats don’t include a healthy dose of Rhythm & Blues in their music–but still, if it were up to me I would call them something along the lines of Psychedlic/Garage/Badass and a band you don’t want to miss. Catch them next time they come to town and you won’t be disappointed.