If you’ve never been to a San Diego Freak Out event, started in 2013 by local pop/pysch band Wild Wild Wets, what the hell are you waiting for?

It’s a night where all the SoCal freaky people can get together for a beautiful kaleidoscope of great bands, trippy projections, friends to run into and friends to be made. Plus, there’s pizza.

This particular event had both local bands, like Sixties Guns, The Swift Beats, Moonshine and of course Wild Wild Wets play their popular shades of groovy and psychedelic, while there were also some flavors from outside our 75 degree and sunny bubble, with the electric Kim & The Created and Slow White hailing from LA and Max Pain & The Groovies trekking all the way from Salt Lake City.

The excitement and energy exploded between stages, as the freaks migrated from Atari Stage to Main, armed with beers and shots and cigarettes and leather jackets and greasy hair. The Casbah was decked with SAN DIEGO FREAK OUT decals and geometric posters, checker boarded mirrors and every color in the rainbow.

Each band was charming in their own way, but Kim & The Created might have stolen the show. Lead singer Kim strolled out on stage in a nascar-inspired onesie, aquamarine hair and screeched with the pipes of an angel, howling at the moon. From the moment she got on stage, the entire event was electrocuted with a burst of raw energy, culminated in a mini mosh pit and Kim leaping into the crowd.

In short, the event was rad. Luckily for you, these events happen a few times a year. So next time, it’s a no brainer. See you there.

Photos By: Summer Luu

By: Amanda Martinek

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