We got the chance to chat with Walter of Grizzly Business before they release their first self-titled EP and have a release show on February 19th at Soda Bar.

Listen below to the first single “Rich Girls” off their debut self-titled EP.

How does it feel to finally be releasing Grizzly Business’s first EP?

There’s a lot of feelings in here. Part of it is relief. There’s been a lot of work and time put in and we’ve been a boy band for two years now and it kind of feels like “great, check that off the list”. Part of it is very lucky. Some of these songs have origins in things I wrote as a shy 17 year old and it’s crazy to think that now there are 3 other guys who like the songs enough to make them their own, venues that have actually let us play them in front of people who actually took time out of their lives to come listen, and now an actual little 5 song CD. It’s pretty cool.

How long was this EP in the making? Where did you guys record?

We’ve been working on it for I believe the last 6 months or so? We recorded at Studio Studios with our buddy Alex Daush in Hillcrest. Really cool talented guy who plays in a couple bands himself. We gave him free range to tell us what to do and put his footprint/vision into the songs and it paid off. We think the songs sound way cooler then what they really are because of him.

What is the song making process like for Grizzly Business? Lyrics vs. melody vs. putting it all together? Where did the inspiration for these songs come from?

Normally I’ll hear a song in my head and wherever I am I’ll start recording/humming it into my phone pretending to talk to someone. From there they kind of write themselves. I’ll have bundles of songs playing in my head and the ones I like I’ll toy with on guitar and lyrics will come whenever they feel like it.

The actual putting together of the songs is kind of painful. If you think of the song as a baby, the humming into the phone would be like the romantic sex making while our time in practice would be the bloody painful gruesome birthing. There’s just a lot of yelling and tears and blaming eachother for putting stuff inside one another but at the end of it all and for better or for worst we’re stuck with whatever bundle of joy pops out.

I don’t intentionally write about feelings or themes but somewhere along the way I guess they kind of manifest. A lot of the songs, tho sound happy, I guess are kind of sad. In the lyrics you’ll find anything from domestically violent mariachi singers and the tragedys of trying to fit in while in the music hopefully you’ll find the urge to Carlton dance.

How do you hope people will feel when listening to the new EP?

Like they love it so much they throw it out their car window.

Grizzly Business took a West coast tour in 2014. Any tour plans for 2015? What’s the dream route?

Yeah we’re working on putting another one together in April as we type. We’ll be heading up the coast again to Seattle and back with some Arizona hopefully sprinkled in. If we can sneak Vancouver and TJ in could we pass it off as a North American tour?

The DREAM route would probably be something that involves visiting every baseball stadium in the country and playing shows after in beer drenched/mustard stained Padres attire and bloody noses from the ass beating we received from locals who didn’t like our shit talking even though our Padres weren’t playing in the game we were attending.

Don’t miss Grizzly Business’s EP release show at Soda Bar on February 19th, alongside Inspired & The Sleep and Buddy Banter.

Watch Grizzly Business’s new music video for their single “Rich Girls”.

Interview By: Amanda Martinek