RAC at Music Box

Photo By: Here2Mars Photography

2017 Grammy winner RAC and opener NVDES collectively expanded the organic spectrum of indie electronic performance art at Music Box last Thursday night!

I must confess that my musical background leans more toward the raw and live sonic vibrations of bands that actually perform most of the tracks that are on their recordings live. Upon first listen of Los Angeles “Laptop Punk” artist NVDES, I was both impressed with the production of their sound and wary of how they could translate their brand of electronic punk at a classy joint like the Music Box. WOW, are these guys the real deal!

The dance party duo consists of singer-guitarist Madi Diaz and percussionist/singer Sam Van Vleet. For fans of LCD Soundsystem and !!! (Chk Chk Chk), say hello to your new favorite band!

Still flying high off NVDES’ kinetic explosion, the crowd surged in anticipation for the myth, the legend, the Shaolin behind the best remixes of recent years: RAC.

RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is the inclusive moniker for the uber-talented producer and multi-instrumentalist, André Allen Anjos. Similar to his production work, Anjos takes no shortcuts with the live expression of his music. He, along with his all-star ensemble of collaborators (MNDRChaos Chaos, KNA, and Jordan Corey) tore through the variety of electro-pop dance hits from his new album EGO.

The SOLD OUT crowd of metrosexual males, swanky females, and everyone in between were especially excited to hear “I Still Wanna Know” featuring Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Although the reclusive frontman did not make an appearance, RAC took the song to new heights and effortlessly coerced the crowd into an encore chant. Is this indie-pop or rock ‘n roll?

This was an extra-special evening for one particular fan and ListenSD-approved producer Small Culture. The Small Culture remix of “I Still Wanna Know” featuring RAC and Rivers Cuomo was selected by Anjos in his recent remix competition and put out by Counter Records. After the EPIC three song encore, the Shaolin of remix made some time for his eager fan and recent collaborator. Always lovely to see the little guy get some global love!

Small Culture with RAC at Music Box

PHOTOS BY: Here2Mars Photography and Wave Glaze