Ducktails graced Blonde Bar with tropical summer evening sounds on Monday, July 3.


Blonde Bar has had a streak of amazing shows as of late and Ducktails kept in line quite nicely. Complete with dreamlike visuals, courtesy of local visual artist Brittany Bueno, the energy in the room was at full speed from the get go.

The room began to fill out and the audience packed in closer to the stage as Local no-wave act Spooky Cigarette set up for soundcheck. Spooky Cigarette had the audience in a spell with their spiraling vocals and sometimes eerie riffs.

Next up were the slow and steady baby makin’ grooves of Minor Gems. With visuals of a beating heart looming over the stage, there wasn’t a single pair of hips in the room not grooving to the beautiful waves coming from the Gems.

Closing the night out were Ducktails, well sort of. The crowd was packed to the stage and immersed in a bright color palette of visuals as Matt Mondanile, singer and previous member of Real Estate, took the stage as a solo presence. The show was very special for San Diego as Ducktails aren’t currently on tour and decided to make the trip to play a single show. Matt produced a passionate set along to samples and backing tracks while playing his guitar and singing solo. Although the rest of the “duckies” weren’t at the show, the experience was no less animated and refreshing to the ears. The set kept in line with the terminally chilled out sounds expected from Ducktails. Most of the songs were from the Ducktails recent album “St. Catherine” with an occasional older song, such as “In The Swing” thrown in the mix.

Check out the Ducktails latest album, you won’t be disappointed!

By: Ben Guevarra