House of Blues Restaurant & Bar‘s “Almost Famous Happy Hour” features tasty brews, savory burgers, and delectable ice cream sandwiches!

Walking into House of Blues San Diego Restaurant & Bar for this month’s installment of Dinner and a Show I was excited for the normal reasons: I knew we were in for a great meal with fun and friendly staff plus a night of pure rock and roll goodness to follow. However, my excitement was kicked up a notch by learning before that it was a specially themed evening. Their “Almost Famous Happy Hour” was kicking off, and we were greeted by a ton of activity inside the main restaurant and the patio including reps from Stone Brewery and the radio sponsor Rock 105.3. After spinning the prize wheel and scoring a couple Stone swag items we meandered into the main restaurant to get the real party—the party in our mouths.

House of Blues San Diego

Stone “Ripper” Pale Ale. Yum!

We love sitting on the outdoor patio but opted to sit indoors, pretending like it was because we wanted to be all romantic with the candle lit ambiance. Really it was due to the fact that it boasted air conditioning and the first time we were in under 80 degree heat all day. Our first treat was a beautiful Happy Hour special beer, the Stone “The Ripper” Pale Ale. I am neither a beer girl nor a surfer girl, but was delightfully surprised at how much I liked this beer. It was frothy, light, and clean with the perfect amount of crispness to pair with our calorific entrees.

House of Blues San Diego

Spicy Fried Calamari

Second out was the Spicy Fried Calamari which proved to be sensational with its fluffy buttermilk coating and spicy chili sauce. I usually coat everything in lemon and lime to add extra flavor but between the tangy ‘mari and orange citrus flavor of the Stone beer we let our lime wedge sit on the corner and think about what it did wrong for the rest of the night.

House of Blues San Diego

Juicy Lucy Burger

Our main entree was brought out with by the very hospitable and attentive manager Ben. He knew what we were about to embark on with the “Juicy Lucy” burger and couldn’t help but deliver it with napkins and a devilish smile. This burger is no joke—it is up there with the best of the best in San Diego. Inside of a soft and buttery brioche bun is a large juicy patty with the apple wood smoked bacon cooked IN it, stuffed with fresh provolone cheese, crispy pickled jalapenos and a smooth chipotle mayo adding to the succulence. Out of a choice of a few different side options we chose the garlic fries and were delighted with the blend of finely milled garlic, parsley, and a heavy generous hand on the sprinkling of Cotija cheese.

House of Blues San Diego

Ice cream sandwich

Finally, we got our Cookie Monster vibe on with dessert—an ice cream sandwich dusted with magic Oreo crust inside two freshly baked chocolate chip moments.

There’s a couple events going on this month at House of Blues that will elevate your dining experience! If you’re planning on hitting Comic-Con in your cosplay costumes, stop by House of Blues San Diego Restaurant & Bar for a special discount. Get 15 percent off their restaurant when you dine in cosplay!

Not a comic book fan? Perhaps industrial metal band Ministry is more your calling. Visiting the House of Blues San Diego on Friday, July 21, Ministry has released multiple albums in a career that began in the early 80s. For tickets, click here.

Food Review by: Meryl Klemow