We had so much fun this past Saturday for The Verigold’s CD Release party at Music Box with SWIMM, The Gloomies and Pearl Charles! Our favorite ListenSD PANDA loves PABST BLUE RIBBON! So much that our fuzzy friend shared a PBR with almost everyone in the crowd.

We learned that people love Pandas and a Panda with a Pabst Blue Ribbon is pretty much irresistible to all attractive humans. See for yourself below.

Photos By: Minivan Photography

Pearl Charles stunned the audience with her solo performance. Don’t miss out on this beauty next time she comes to town.

Redbull Sound Select band, SWIMM, killed it with their set opening for The Verigolds.

The Gloomies surf rock blew the crowd away. Featured on Noisey, Earmilk  and more, these guys are about to blow up! Make sure to catch their next show in town.

THE VERIGOLDS RULE. End of Story. Go see them live and find out for yourself.

Hope to see you at our next show 4/8 with The Shrine, Sacri Monti, Petyr and Joy! Tix: http://tktwb.tw/1pZXmfh