The post-rock show featuring headliners Foxing at the Irenic lit up this past Tuesday night with lively yet deep music and a captivating performance.

Photos and Review By: Francesca Tirpak

Walking up to the Irenic a little later than planned – I missed the first opening act on the bill, Tancred, and the other, Adjy, was unfortunately absent due to band problems – I could clearly hear the haunting howls of the band O’Brother even from outside the venue. They entranced the crowd with music I could honestly say sank into my bones. Just having released a brand new album, Endless Light, the band celebrated their return to San Diego by filling the Irenic with ambient rock music emphasized by the bright lights flashing periodically, giving the stage an ethereal atmosphere.

Foxing played a set with a stage set-up that was almost as fascinating as the show itself; blurry scenes of forestry and mountains overlaid the stage, placing a criss-cross pattern over the crowd and band members, and round fairy lights were placed periodically around their feet, lighting up their faces from below in a celestial manner. Instrumentals that would fit perfectly with rain in the background in the hills of the Pacific Northwest followed heartfelt vocals that touched the cores of the audience.

It’s always an enjoyable show when both the audience and the band are completely enveloped in the music, and this could be said easily for this night.