Hinds, Mustard Service, and Toast jammed out at the Irenic on Thursday, October 11th.


With a young hipster crowd hugging the edge of the stage, Toast instantly transformed the Irenic into a bedroom where watery guitars bounced of the walls. The song “Onetwotree” slowed down time in just the right way with a collection of airy harmonies, spaced out guitars, and echoing shakers. 

Toast brought the bedroom aesthetic to the show, before Mustard Service brought in the beachy jazz of a vintage time, presenting jangling guitars, a funky bassist, and matching leopard dress shirts. “Taking Up Space,” from their album Zest Pop, began with a pocket fixed drum beat, stylish vocals, and a chorus that was sentimental and catchy. If the crowd was relaxing to the sounds of Toast, then they were beginning to loosen up to the sounds of Mustard Service. Much of their sound carries an energy that makes people want to move sporadically, but some of their other songs were on the calmer side, creating a nice balance.

The last and most anticipated act of the night was Hinds. Touring their latest album, I Don’t Run, Hinds played, “The Club,” a quintessential garage tune to remember. A very grungy bass opens up the track, along with wet drums and punchy kicks. Hinds performed a variety of old and new tracks. “Garden,” from their 2016 LP Leave Me Alone, made way for a friendly mosh. As the show came to an end, the people chanted for an encore. Hinds played one last track and said their goodbyes. Overall, the show was lit.

Photos by: Charlie Spadone
Review by: Hector Quintero