photo credit: Kate Ammerman


Local singer-songwriter and producer BLAIRE. infuses a soulful breakup song with vulnerability & sonic complexity


Her first single, ‘Come and Lie in It’, is a siren’s song to an ex-lover that both pleads and seduces with lines like “I guess I’ve made my bed, so come and lie in it with me.”

The lyrics provide an intimate window into the bargaining stage of grief, revealing and processing the unresolved questions many of us are left with after a breakup.


Are they thinking of you? Do they enjoy watching you suffer? You know, just some light Q&A. Blaire.’s Memphis roots – she spent the first 23 years of her life in the ‘Home of the Blues & Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll’ – are evident in her soulful vocals and powerful 808 kick drums.She weaves delicate, yet moody piano, simple guitar strumming and picking, textured bass guitar, an emotional string ensemble, an oscillating synth, electronic beat machines, and acoustic cymbals with layers of vocal performances that showcase an impressive range of expression.

Blaire. Come and lie in it

photo credit: Studio Arna

Her ability to translate her waves of emotions into the aural world is impressive. What’s even more impressive? She’s completely self-taught. Blaire. wrote, produced, arranged and engineered the track in a matter of 4 months with zero previous training. With only 9 months of guitar playing under her belt, she relied on her own will and devotion (and the help of a few talented friends) to bring her story to life. As for the cover art – you guessed it – that’s Blaire., too. A student of the Grimes school of thought, she took ownership in the entire process to bring her vision to fruition. For  the final mixing and mastering process, she enlisted music engineer, and longtime friend, Matt Qualls for the finishing touches. You’ll also hear Matt putting down a creative, bass line and epic guitar solo in the track.

Blaire. tackles more than just the breakup blues. Her most recent contribution to the creative world is the evocative ‘Born Losing’, a raw, emotional reaction to the dismissal of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s powerful testimony.



The phrase ‘born losing’ refers to the experience of being born into a society where certain groups of people – for instance, women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ community members – are marginalized.