The Buttertones came to San Diego for the second time this year, only this time around, it was during a lightning storm. It didn’t stop these guys from selling out the Irenic and turning it into one sweaty mosh pit.

The Buttertones

The Buttertones

It was a rare day in San Diego; it was pouring rain with flashes of lighting that were quickly followed by some hefty thunder, flooded streets — oh yeah, and The Buttertones were set to rock out the Irenic. After jumping over some little rivers on my way up to the venue, all you could see inside were soaked rain jackets and completely drenched hair, but as soon as Tracy Bryant took the stage, it was like nothing even mattered anymore. He played the guitar with such ease as he casted his own little spell on the crowd, and with a full band behind him, everyone just couldn’t help but fall for the guy.

There was only one reason why all these kids came out in the middle of a gnarly storm, and that was The Buttertones. It was like a green light for everyone to start screaming their lungs out as they saw those well-dressed gentleman take the stage, almost immediately getting the party going with well-known track “Matador.” We were in full swing, the mosh pit was wide open, and happiness was at an all-time high. Saxophonist London Guzmán is like the band’s secret ingredient to your Abuelita’s famous Pozole: smacks you right in the mouth with taste buds like London with those mean saxophones skills. They’re all brilliant at what they do, and the sound they produce is unlike anything, literally forcing you to DANCE.

Photos and review by: Nicholas Regalado

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