Black Midi

Black Midi

English rock band Black Midi absolutely ravaged the Music Box


It was a warm Friday evening, and San Diego had the pleasure of hosting the surging infamous Black Midi. It had been around a year since the band has been in San Diego when they destroyed the Casbah, so it was definitely an understatement when we said “We’re Fucking pumped for Black Midi!”.

Opener of the night was another English rock band Black Country, New Road who consisted of some really talented musicians and vocalists. It almost felt like everyone in the band came out with heavenly voices that made you feel like you were floating weightlessly. Consisting of six members, they had almost every instrument covered, drums, violin, keys, saxophone, and a flute for good measure. They had the sold out crowd in their hearts, and not one person in that venue was displeased, all were shouting and clapping after every single song. 

Now the moment that we were all waiting for, Black Midi took the stage, and came out hard and fast. They immediately made the crowd stir into a frenzy, filled with the biggest smiles. Drummer Morgan Simpson, was a force to be reckoned with, he played like a jazz drummer, but on some crazy ass high adrenaline. You could even say he stole the spotlight during their whole set. Black Midi was throwing the Hitters all night long, playing hit tracks like “John L”, “Welcome To Hell”, and “Speedway”. Towards the end of the night they flew through one of their most famous songs “Near DT, MI”, which was probably one of the craziest moments of the night. Hearing that high hat on the drum crash as vocalist Cameron Picton screamed in the mic. Black Midi is a true rare treat, and if you haven’t heard of them just go see them live once, and you’ll become an instant fan for life.

Photos and Review by: Nicholas Regalado