The Schizophonics

Splish’n and Splash’n in the deep end of the pool at the historic Lafayette Hotel, I find myself frantically searching for one of those toy inflatables to keep my out-of-shape ass afloat.  Birthday girl and the mythical creature known as Ty Velasquez was there to the rescue, tossing me a pretty pink flotation aide. I blame my new found swim panic on the siren call of the lovely Mermaid and bearly Merman who were majestically swimming around the pool to the reggaetone remixes of DJ ChuChuChu.

After a harsh shot of cheap plata, purple can of Mother Earth Power of Love IPA in my right hand, and a Magic Bullet hangover cure in my left I was ready to rock out with my cock…inside my thrift store used board shorts. I decided to ditch my Casbah-approved night attire of denim on denim.

All of a sudden, a roar of feedback screams across the pool area like a school bell ringing for recess.  It’s time to kick out the jams with the San Diego Music Award Winning The Schitzophonics. The trio’s relentless raucous of rock ‘n roll fits perfectly with the vintage, “historical” vibe of the Lafayette. A few girls and guys dressed to the nines in their 60’s British Invasion garb charge to the front of the stage to become a part of the frenetic antics of guitarist/singer Pat Beers.  The collective groove of Lety, Brian and Pat were quite literally turning the usually placid pool of the Lafayette into the wave pool at Mandalay Bay Beach.  Surf’s up baby and hot damn did the Schitzophonics kick the pool party up past eleven!

A lot of good friends and fellow ListenSD-approved musicians were lounging pool side. They included Danny from Splavender, Jakob from Spooky Cigarette/Low Points, Paul from Mittens and Walter from Grizzly Business. Our fearless boss lady Rachel Frank transformed into That Fucking Panda; everything was in it’s right place and set for the garage/punk demon playground known as “Kim & the Created” to take the stage.

The first time I popped my Kim & the Created cherry was in the 115 degree desert of Mecca, Ca as a part of the Desert Daze Festival ’15.  The raw power of “Miss Iggy Pop” was on full display and piggybacked very nicely after the Schitzophonics.  Kim loves to tear us out of our collective indie comfort zones of pretty synths and mellow beats with her brand of punk that speaks to that little rebel in all of us. It’s a Rebel Yell to wake the fuck up, take off your clothes and jump into the pool!

The ListenSD Summer Kickoff lobby was also replete with superbly talented visual artists and one very special painter (Hannah Johansen) who transforms her subjects into Mermaid and Mermen.  I sat on the lobby bench with my late afternoon bloody mary, closed my eyes, and not ten minutes later I became a Merman with a clam shell bra. Scratch that one off the vision board ;). Thank you ListenSD for a most righteous pool party!

Merman Craig from ListenSD




Review by: Craig Schreiber
Photos by: Nicholas Regalado