The Mud Howlers

The Mud Howlers

Raucously delicious rock ‘n roll from The Mud Howlers and artsy, naked chicks (courtesy of Strangers in a Fire) turned Music Box San Diego into a cultural orgy backyard RAGER!

Despite the night beginning with a four block sprint to my late Lyft (along with providing a complementary tutorial on changing navigation settings), your grumpy old music-lover of a narrator found himself staring at the posh entrance of Music Box ready to pounce on what quickly launched into a night of epic proportions. First up, conscious hip-hop existential emcee Real J. Wallace of ThChrch delighted the rising tide of ears and eyes with hard-hitting beats and stimulating flows. This guy IS the “Real” deal and not only is a talented artist in his own right, but also serves as an incubator for Barrio Logan’s blossoming creative community.

With DJ’s Tealideal and AbJo (of Soulection) holding down the 1’s and 2’s, with the vibe dial inching on up, Dream Joints expanded on the electronic hip hop grooves of Real J. and took us into the realms of neo-dark wave delight (also Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor of ice-cream).  This droney, psychedelic iteration of Mike Turi set the perfect soundtrack to the satisfyingly scandalous rotating images of Strangers in a Fire models.  ALL ABOARD THE PLEASURE CRUISE!

It suddenly became that time of night to slice your tight jeans open, unbundle the manbun, and jump around to the young punks of Fake Tides. Last time I witnessed these grimy lads, they were chopping up the seas of the San Diego all ages punk scene at SOMA as a part of The Frights’ You Are Going 2 Hate This Fest.  Punk rock is alive and well!

Ethics turned both knobs and heads with dance-floor shaking set. Very nice to see the live guitar element integrated in a few of the tunes as well!

Bluesy conquistadors known as The Mud Howlers took the stage to a packed house. Their blend of the Tex-Mex meets The Black Crows captivated and elated.  The dusty, psychedelic heart of the Senoran Desert landed and took no prisoners!

Huge THANKS to Magic Hat Brewery for providing the brews. We especially loved their #9 and Electric Peel that was flowing and helping all the attendees have a magical time. 

For fans of pale ales, the #9 is described as their “Not Quite Pale Ale.” With 5.1 percent ABV, the #9 is brewed with pale, crystal malts, Apollo, Cascade hops, and English ale yeast. Almost impossible to describe, this brew falls into a category all it’s own. A dreamy balance of crisp and flavorful, it’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Another pale ale, Electric Peel is a grapefruit IPA. With a scent that’s amazing on its own, the flavor leaves you with it’s namesake shock of flavor. The citrus brew is made with pale & Carapils malts, Apollo, Centennial & Chinook hops, and a touch of grapefruit. Electric Peel is the perfect drink to help you take in some incredible art and dance the night away.

Til the next odyssey, fellow seekers of the aural light!