Fake Tides

Fake Tides

If you’re ever down in Imperial Beach, you might hear Fake Tides practicing from a small shed on 7th Street

Starting in 2014, guitarist Luis Mireles and bassist Sal Samano became best buds. One day they decided to jam. Sal had no prior experience in music but was able to pick up the bass immediately. After many jam sessions, they decided to form a band with Kalani Lomu (Bad Kids) on drums and later Edgar Alejandre would take on the role. Releasing their debut EP, they got some buzz from the local surf punk scene. Many shows and a self-titled album later, Fake Tides continue to play their garage surf rock music all around San Diego.

Keep an eye out for their new release—a split with T. Rexico—coming out next month on February 24th.

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Photos by: Rachel Frank