Incorporating root surf music and jazz elements, T. Rexico is one of the cooler bands in the “surf punk” scene. We talked to these kids and got their top 5 picks.

You have plenty of chances to catch them live this month! On 1/14 they will be playing with Buddha Trixie and others at Soma. Also, on 1/28 they will be playing Bad Kids’ album release. Stay tuned for T. Rexico’s newest release—a split with Fake Tides—in early February!

Bryce: “Motel Reflections” — Pro Teens

“Pro Teens’ combination of airy synth textures and a slick guitar riff create a melancholy but beautiful atmosphere that’s perfect for listening to alone at night.”

Thomas: “It’s As Easy As 1,2,3” — Jill Gibson/Jan Berry

“An embodiment of the California teen beach scene in the mid 60’s, and a wondrous instrumental done by the Wrecking Crew.”

Kiara: “The Night Has Opened My Eyes” — The Smiths

“My most-played song ever, and the best by The Smiths…that bass line is killer.”

Tristin: “Back Home” — Shindigs

“Listening to Shindigs’ music is like taking a breath of cool, fresh air on a sunny autumn day. Just put on your headphones, lean back, and chill…”

Everyone: “Taboo” — Arthur Lyman

“Been on this exotica groove since Tiki Oasis”