Many A Moon

Many A Moon

We recently had the unique pleasure of speaking with local eclectic indie duo Many a Moon, whose hypnotic, Eastern-influenced sound will grace the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel this Friday, January 12. Read on to find out more about their spatial artistic endeavors, their reaction to praise from NPR and their roles in a local art collective.


What lovely planet are you guys from? No, but seriously…

We came from an intergalactic comet that hit Earth in Minnesota. After that our parents got a job with the circus and we traveled around the U.S.

Many A Moon

Many A Moon

Your NPR Tiny Desk entry was praised and featured on their blog. Congratulations! How did this national recognition feel?

It was absolutely incredible! Such an honor to be a part of it all and be recognized by NPR. It’s difficult to find the right words to describe our sound, even for us, and NPR did a great job of it. We’ve been listening to NPR since we were teeny humans crawling around to Prairie Home Companion, so seeing our song and video featured with them was a trip.

Can you tell us more about the community where you currently live (aka OB Template).

Ya! Shout out to the Template fam! The OB Template is an artist collective/different dimension art house in Ocean Beach that breathes creativity in the community. Anyone with creative ideas such as events, art, workshops, and any artistic expressions can come to the Template and collaborate at the space with the crew. We throw shows, host workshops, have potlucks, art galleries and “crafternoons”–the list is endless.

Many A Moon

Many A Moon

The video for your ethereal desert trip “Woke Up Lucid” is stellar!  Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and the visuals?

Well, we moved to Ocean Beach and felt like we entered a dream, so we wrote “Woke up Lucid.” We realized it sounded different than all of our other songs so we created a new performance project called Many A Moon! The music video what shot in Florence, Oregon when we were on a two month road trip up and down the West Coast. We knew about the Tatooine-like sand dunes and it just felt perfect for a video set in a recurring dream.

An inside source tells me that you have some pretty interesting day jobs.  Care to share that with us?

Ha! Yeah, Lucy makes ends meet by clowning, teaching theater, stilt walking, and she is an AV technician. Kinz is a freelance videographer and occasionally climbs buildings for big music shows.

You can catch Many a Moon this Friday, January 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp district.

Interview by: Craig Schreiber
Photos by: Rachel Frank